Another small memorial for my very 1st dog Tenchi-Ryo.

He was brought into my life in March 2001. He left my life in June 2006.

Tenchi was to me about the best dog I could of ever had. Always happy always wanting to play. Kind with the kids. He would lick your tears when you were sad. He would stay with you when you were sick.

I loved him alot. While I wasn’t the best owner in the world he still loved me all the same. We had talked for weeks about getting a dog after nana died. Mom finally let us do it a few weeks before we were set to move. Sharon had gotten a dog from a farm out in anderson and we went to the same place. This is where I met the dog that was for me.

As soon as the dogs came around tenchi jumped into my arms. While mom wanted the calmer female dog I had to the the most hyper of the bunch. He was mine from the second I laid eyes on him. Francis as usual didnt act thrilled but he loved it. The next day he spent like 300 bucks on tenchi getting him to the vet for shots and his flea and tick stuff the best dog food there was and a crapton of toys.

When times were really bad tenchi stayed with mom during the day while I was in school he laid with her in her bed to and kept her safe for us while she was home alone and sick.

When we lived with sharon for a short time he was loving it cause he was with my uncle mike alot then too.

When we got the house i was so glad. Finally a place for him to run safe..or so i thought. for the 1st 2 years I was always outside with him when he went out and brought him back in quickly.

After we took in oliver we started to let them stay out for extended periods of time. This all changed in late june. Here is the full posting from my livejournal.
Its been 2 days and its been very hard since I lost my 1st dog. I named him Tenchi-ryo because when I was younger I really reallly liked the anime series. Monday around 12:00 Tenchi and oliver(my other dog) were let out back for a bit so they could run and play and do the dirty work dogs do. About 12:30 I go to let them in and I find my beloved tenchi laying in the grass with a bag over his head. I lept over the deck and screamed for my mom as loud as i could. I got the bag off but it was too late.

My legs just gave out I couldnt carry him. My neibors lept over the fence(I live next to a auto shop) and tried to help. I ran him down to the vet down the road but it was too late. I tried my best at doggy cpr but alas. I am heart broken I walk back home alone without my best friend.

Tenchi was only 5 years old. I bought him from a farmer for $40. My therepist at the time said this would help me get over the death of my grandmother who i was really close too. I had about 10 to choose from and I got him cause he was the first one to come up to me and he just jumped into my arms. I fell in love with him instantly. He never had to be house trained even at just 2 months old he wouldnt go in the house. He always had to go outside.

My brother who inatally hated the idea of the dog fell in love with him too. Before me and my mom could do anything he had him in the vet all his shots got him tags and had about $50 in toys for him.

He liked to tear tissues and paper and other stuff up. But other than that he was great. My mom is very ill and he laid with her when she was reelly sick and wouldnt move. He was very protective of her.

Cage training never really worked for him as he liked to sleep either in my brothers room on the floor,under one of the end tables or in my moms bed. He would shake and cry so we gave up on it a few months in. He was always REALLY good in the house other than his tissue fetish. He would bark alot though. Any sound would set him off. But as they say the bark is worse than his bite.

He never would hurt a soul. He was always happy. When I cried he would lick my tears. He loved to play. He had what we called a “bitch growl” which was just him playing with me. I would growl and he would start and then id chase him around the table and he would growl like he was all tough.

This morning I had to pick him up and take his frozen body in a fricking garbage bag to the pet cemetary where I am having him cremated and I am going to bury the remains at the new house when I move in 3 weeks.

I feel so stupid. Im very depressed over this. Everyone is like you have another dog. As much as I love my other dog, hes not really mine. He was taken from another sick family member. Now he is mopey and depressed like. I talked to the vet and he said there was no way a bag of potato chips could of smothered him. We hadn’t clipped his claws since his last vet visit in april. He would of all most have to have been held down by force to escape. The bag only had cumbs in it anyways and he should of still been able to breath cause it wasnt a tight seal. I was told to call the SPCA and ask and file a report.

We know where the bag came from. The garbage can in the back got knocked over due to a storm but our dogs dont get into the trash. I dont know…I just don’t.

Im gonna miss my puppy

I know now exactly where the bag came from. It was mine. I left a bag out back and some racoons got into it….still…The vet telling me someone may have killed him was a double if not triple whammy.

My puffalfugoosey puppy ill see ya again some day.

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