The Ruth Mize Memorial Page

Update 4/12/2023

So… 10 more years since I Touched this. Yeah… come see me in 2033

Update 5-12-13
I haven’t touched this since 2006 when I copied this to the new format. 12 years ago seems like forever.


I made this a long time ago. When I was much younger. It was the only way to express my grief and sadness. It has been a little under 10 years since I put the original page up. I try not to think about that day or bring it up in my mind. However I find comfort and solace in the fact that I can keep the memory of the good times alive. In the world of Twitter/Face book and Text messages I keep a analog persons memory alive in a digital age.

This is a memorial to my grandmother Ruth “Nana” Mize.
The original page has been lost as of 2006 so This is a new updated version.

Here is something she wrote before she passed away.

DON’T CRY FOR ME Now that I am at rest. Be happy for me. Think happy thought when you go X-Mas shopping. I will be watching with my beloved. Don’t weep for me at family picnics; I will be having fun watching. Think of the fun we had going to Sharon Woods. Eating hot dogs And playing ball with the kids. All the things Sharon and Donna And I did together. Having Christmas at Bobby’s. I love all of my Grandchildren And Great Grandchildren. Sharon and Donna more Because I lived with them. Don’t weep for me. Be happy. Don’t be so sad. Have food And party all my family. Then I’ll be happy. Try to be happy for me. I love you all so much. Lunch with Patty and Annie was fun. But now I am content With my beloved. Don’t weep for me. I love you all very much. Until we meet again.


She is still to this day missed


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  1. I feel compelled tell you. I have no where else to do it. Its been 21 years since your last Christmas.
    The things Ive done.
    Graduated high school.
    Graduated COLLEGE
    Moved to Columbus.
    Taken care of mom since 2008 (finally got her off her duff in 2023!)
    Have had sharon here since 2015 keeping her good too.
    Ive been to England 2x! 2018 and 2021(lets not talk about the shit show that was 2020-2022.. Be glad you were not here for covid. )
    I built a flipping house! I mean yeah the lots small but its MINE..
    Come a long way from M&M’s for dinner cause we didnt have any other food.

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