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I follow the Art of Wrestling podcast that Colt Cabana (Scotty Goldman) and he had been talking about the documentary he has done with Bryan Dainelson. I became a fan of Colt’s over the past few months and as I liked the podcast so I figured it would be worth the 23 bucks.

After a bit of a wait the DVD came on my birthday. I popped it in my PS3 to sit and watch it.  Its a long DVD, and It took about 3 sittings to finish it.
I enjoyed it quite a bit. However its when my mom sat down and started watching it that it got more interesting. I kept hearing her comments on it as she was watching. My mom is by no means a wrestling fan however she started to laugh with everything and cringe at some of the other things. Funny enough she was getting into it.  At the end of the movie she told me she really enjoyed that and watching the journey of the boys.
She really loved the watermelon eating contest and some of the antics on the road.  I loved the 4th wall breaking “goodbye” scene where they drive off and saying “we are gonna be back in 20 seconds to pickup the camera man”

Overall I enjoyed the movie and and the characters.





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