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Alot of my friends are older than me. I am 21 and most of my friends are 25+. One of my best friends is getting married soon and its funny, because I can see myself in his shoes in a few years.  Scooter has been one of my best friends ever since I met him a few years ago.  The man is funny, smart and alot like myself. I have come to him for advice more than I do my own brother anymore.  Just cause my brother is an asshole and dumb as a rock and scooter on the other hand is smart and didn’t burn his brain out on acid.

Reading my other older frien Stephen’s blog a few moments ago I got some great news that Stephen is gonna be scooters best man. These two guys are great people and I don’t think scooter could find anyone better.

For me I am young still. I look ahead and see this life change for one of my friends and I wonder when my time is going to come and how. I am going to deal with everything. I am still trying to establish my life and seeing someone like scooters fall into place makes me very happy.

It was asked on the Game Junkie Forum’s what has the store changed in you. Well for me personally I have met a whole crapton of great friends and a few very special friendships.

Scooter has shared things with me that are hard to talk about and thats when you show that you trust someone is when you share painful things with them. Most people put up the good face for you, when the shit hits the fan and the bad stuff happens and they talk is when you know you have a good friendship.  Of course I hold what I am told in the highest confiance and don’t go telling my friends personal stuff to people that it doesn’t matter too. That being said, Scooter buddy I know your reading this man. I cannot wait to see this come to a head at your wedding.

As for Stephen, He is almost as big of an asshole as me and I think thats why I like him.  I didn’t get to meet him before he left but happened by as soon as he came back last year and we hit it off well. We have a few similar hobbies and likes. The man is a fricking genius that makes me look like a moron.

Now why I am i kissing ass? I am not. I can only hope I learn somthing from these two friends of mine and hope when I am their ages I am half the men they are. They do what they love and they are happy.

So what would of like been like without the store.  I wouldn’t of made 2 great friends, I wouldn’t have dropped alot of my shyness and become more of a extrovert.
1 song touched this off for me
1979 from the smashing pumpkins.

Goo bye!


  1. Heh … now tell people to go read my blog too, the Google Analytics are telling me that I have at LEAST 999 GB of bandwidth to use by the end of the month! 🙂

    I appreciate everything that you have said, it means the world to me! Just knowing you’re doing something positive for someone can make right a lot of things in the world.

    It’s weird how my whole friend dynamic has played out too. A lot of friends of mine are younger (you, Russo, Matt Adams, so many of the people at the store), and a lot are older, including the group of people I work with now and did in Kentucky. I think because of where I went to school, and the fact that the whole age thing got out of whack even then (graduating HS at 16), age just never mattered to me much.

  2. Heh. well man. Your very VERY well a huge part of my life. Having a set of friends that are postive and not down trodden depressed asses make me feel 100% better.

    If you need someone to be a groomsman or somthing I’d be happy to help you out if not remember I expect an invite and I will be not doing a coaster trip for this. (Just kidding man its your wedding :P).

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