The Great Flood 06

Sobriders Random Thoughts

Hey guys this one takes place at my home.

Well Ive been in my home almost 2 months when one of the worst things that can happen happens. There is a massive flood in my basement.

at first i hope and pray its rain.

we get the pool sump pump and try to drain the water to no avail.

So its time to get what we can upstairs the couch and table and the kids toys…this leaves my room marooned. We pull the carpet away from the wall in an attempt to save my room…it works 50%…anyways its time to fight the flood with wind powar! after i paid a friend to help me rip the carpet out

We call MSD and the come out and pay for a plumber to come…the next day water works brings the big guns out and we get this..

a gaint hole in the driveway.

A pipe collapesed…our sewer backed up..ewww.. the water goes byebye but…this is the leftovers

That black stuff friends and neighbors is poo…lots of it…..

So its MSD’s fault and there cleaning crew arrive….and we get these results.

all the carpet has to be removed even in my room.

the dry wall has been torn out

This is what my room looked like right after move in

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